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.Thursday, February 18, 2010.

You're just so fucking irritating.
Can your name just just fucking get out of my mind?
Why did I fucking know you in the first place?
And for 4 fucking years,
I didn't know you were so fucking childish.

When people are friends,
they just accept your flaws.
When you are no longer friends,
all the truth just splats out.
Once the truth is out,
you would be thinking why the fuck did u befriend
this person in the very first place.
I don't know either.

And when two friend splits,
siding comes in.
And you truly know
who are your real friends.

Why do people of the same type flock together?
Maybe its fate that brought them together.
You get all the friends okay?
You win okay?
So just fuck out of my sight and everywhere else.
Tired of all your fucking shits.


} ' da0jun ;
5:21 PM

.Tuesday, February 16, 2010.

You know,
You're such a loser? =)
Delete all you want okay.
I wish I could fully delete you from my memory too.
You have gone too far.
Make sure u delete everything 'bout me okay?
Save me the trouble =)

} ' da0jun ;
1:35 AM

.Monday, February 15, 2010.

Happy belated Chinese New Year
Happy Valentine's Day.

Haven't been posting for quite some time.
Here to wish anyone who still visits this dead blog.
Life hasn't been really happening lately.
Just as usual school, play, sleep, eat.
What else is there other than that to life?
I've been living for the past 18, 19 soon years.
And I think I've just played throughout.
No aims, No dreams, Nothing.
I wonder how people can get so motivated,
and find their aims in life.
I've totally nothing.
Well, I guess even if I die,
there's nothing for me to lose.
My life is routine-d.
Excitement to live everyday?
Can someone show me?
Maybe when i truely find out whats my aim in life
then I can look forward to what may happen the day after.
Well, it did happened to me once,
looking forward to going to school each day,
get to be with the people I enjoy being with.
But, that was all in the past,
which doesn't seem to be realistic anymore.
Just feel so like a dream.
I really hope that I might regain that,
feeling in the past.
If not,
I'll only be looking forward to :
2012 Dec 21st.
(Hoping that its true)
Why so emo?
That's the question my friends ask
when they see me.
Well, I also wish to know the answer myself.
I don't know why or how.
That emotional feeling just pops out of no where.
It really spoils one's mood and the people around.
I can't seem to find anyone that makes me feel
that very special way I want to feel.
Everything seems to be happening so fast,
too fast.
It's like,
I just met you.
And the next thing, Poof.
You're gone.
New Year.
Hope New things and surprises come my way.
I hope.

} ' da0jun ;
12:48 AM

.Sunday, December 06, 2009.


} ' da0jun ;
11:53 PM

.Wednesday, September 30, 2009.

The distance just keeps on getting further.
I don't know if this was the place I came to in the first place.
Everything had seemed to change.
Did I not did enough?
Or it is never ever enough..?
Please tell me its just a dream.
Wake me up or bring me back where I first came..

I thought I knew you.. but I guess I was wrong..
4 years of friendship?
Did it even took u 4 minutes? Oh wait, maybe not even 4 seconds..
to end all of it.
Now I know being a friend needs more...
You have to know how to read minds..
Know what had happened before hand
before you say anything..
Can't read? 

Can't anyone just let me 'brag' a lil bout my achievements in the virtual world?
I know I'm as good as a failure in real life,
in every aspect.
So, being a lil faster in the virtual world is a sin.
I get hated.
Everything seems to be my fault.
Just because I helped others,
 You don't get helped,
I'm being called selfish.
Just because I have a lil' more.
I'm being called 'haolian'.
Every word that comes from me,
may cause something bad to happen.
Cause I was just so happen to can't 'Read Minds'
So again, I'm to be blamed.
Now I'm even afraid to talk.
These happened not once, twice or trice? 
Why is it always ME?
Everything seems to be my fault .
Can't anyone just give in to me, even, Once?
Right, the world is never fair .
I'm born to see others happy,
and I can't.

Whatever lil' things I do, 
never seem to be enough.
I'm expected more of it?
To be even noticed.
Cause everything I do,
Results I get is O.
No One just seems to notice.

Maybe if I'm dead,
everyone else would be happier?
Well, I guess I'll be much happier.
No one cares anyway.

?dneirf ym eb uoy naC

} ' da0jun ;
1:05 AM

.Friday, June 05, 2009.

                 Happy 18th Birthday Myself ! :D
                 & also to those who share the same birth date as me: 5th June (:

Its just like any other normal day, wake up early in the morning and squeezing on the MRT/Bus
with people. Reach school, Lessonssssssssssssssssssssss. Was feeling freaking tired. Was online on msn, but there wasn't pretty much people that was online that I could chat with. :\ Was hanging in school with an empty stomach for 6hrs straight, lessons. Maths Quiz, gift from Theresa Lye. Thanks alot uh. Ended at 2, flew home. This year is just me, my comp and my bed. Gah, how pathetic uh. Forever sticking with my computer. No presents this year. But its okay, as long as I know that I have friends around me when I need them, thats enough. Thanks people.

Finally, 18. Legal age to do all sorts of stuff! Smoking, Alcohol, but I dun think I wanna get hooked with these stuffs (: Ok, maybe abit of alcohol at times. M18 movies, watched since dunoe when already. HAHA, so its nothing special :x. This year had many wishes from many many people, too many to name, Thanks Everyone for the well wishes.

Well, last year was pretty much wasted. Been playing for very long, way too long. I think I should get myself to study, NOW. But i just can't seem to bring myself to do it. Still sticked to the computer instead of the notes. I MUST MUST get rid of this habit of playing and study instead :(. Can't understand a shyt of anything in school -_____-, and next week is common test. So doom-ed. GAH. 

Please DaoJun, STUDY! 

So, here are my wishes this year. Hope I'll be able to fulfill them.
  • Maple Level 200 & After that PLAY LESS. (4 more to go!)
  • Spend more time on studies and with friends instead of staying at home with the comp
  • Try to Save? my about-to-screwed-GPA due to this Common Test.
  • Get MORE sleep. ( > 6hrs on weekdays at least )
  • Exercise more (: Work out. (Don't Laugh Ting :( )
Think thats about it for my wishes this year.
Anyway, I'll like to Thank all that wished me again. Love you guys. Take care everyone.                                               

} ' da0jun ;
11:32 PM

.Sunday, May 03, 2009.

Public hols and weekends.
Fri was a whole day out.
Caught X-Men Origins : Wolverine :D in the morning, great at iluma.
After that headed over to V8 to have our lunch, not bad.
Then walked over to marina square for guild outing.
2nd Movie of the day - 17 again. Hilarious.
After that was dinner at popeyes near The Flyer.
It wasn't as good as i thought, but still quite okae.
We had around 17 peeps, so had to wait quite long, joint tables.
After that head out to cut cake :D
White chocolate cake from secret recipe.
First time trying it, wasn't as nice as i thought :S 
Well, tried.
Gave bear a Winnie-the-Pooh balloon.
But he refused to hold it ! :@
Then hanged out at the arcade, chatted and home.
Sat - School for practical at 9am -'- . Freaking tired.
And it was total boring. GAHH.
Headed home, slept!
Sunday - rotted at home.
Tmr is school day again. bleh.
Nights ~

} ' da0jun ;
11:19 PM